The following letter requests were hand-picked by our team. You have until the listed deadline to read the stories, script a few letters, and drop them in the mailbox for the listed addresses below. At the time of deadline, all the love letters will be bundled up and delivered, topped with a note from the MLL team. We sincerely hope you'll script beside us. 

xoxo, MLL



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Paul is a fantastic husband and father who gave us his own business to stay home with his children after his eldest child was born with a congenital heart defect.  

His wife tells us “Our kids are now ten and seven. Independent and in school full time. Paul struggles with how to define himself. At the age of 55 he is lost. He's been the stay at home parent for 10 years and doesn't even know where to start. He has his MFA in painting, but does not have the courage to make the leap and do that full time. He does not have the courage to revamp his resume and get back in the workforce. He has stopped believing in himself even though I know he is capable of anything and everything. He has already proven that to me time and time again! We moved last year and he has no friends here to support him. He can do this! He can reinvent himself at 55! He has an exciting journey ahead of him.” Join us in encouraging Paul in his new chapter of life!

Please mail all love letters to:

Paul’s bundle
℅ Jennifer H.
3145 Medley Court NW
Kennesaw, GA 30152

By April 30th, 2015


Loan’s loving daughter writes “About five weeks ago, my mother went to the ER for a headache and left with a diagnosis of aggressive acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The doctors said that if she hadn't had came in she would've only have a week and a half to live. My mom, the healthiest person I know, has been diagnosed with cancer for the second time; the first being ductal carcinoma in situ or pre-breast cancer. She's been in the hospital going through chemotherapy with only a 33% chance of survival. Although, my family and I are very hopeful that she's going to kick cancer and live. She's been in so much pain these past few weeks and it's so heartbreaking to see my mom like this. She's my rock, my backbone, and my best friend in the entire world.” Pick up a pen + paper to write a note for Loan as she begins her second round of chemotherapy.  

Please mail all love letters to:

Loan’s bundle
℅ Sandra M.
14012 Choctaw Drive
Edmond, OK 73013

By April 30th, 2015


“My brother Craig decided after many years of contemplation to join the Air Force.” His sister wrote to us.

“Craig has always been the quiet observer and one of the most important people in my life. He is always so positive, no matter what and for years he was a personal trainer, starting his own business and rocking at it. Yet, a year or so ago he broke down to our mom and felt lost in his path in life.  The thing about Craig is he is always sending positive light to everyone around him, he is always working hard and he never wants to "burden" anyone with negativity so we never knew he was struggling in his heart until he broke down to my mom that beautiful, important day. Now, he is off to training in April. I know he is scared and I know he is nervous about leaving his family behind, his girlfriend and everything familiar to him. I don't ever want him to face this world alone or feel alone because I have never felt alone or unloved because he is my big brother.” Join us in sending light + love to Craig!

Please mail all love letters to:

Craig’s bundle
℅ Kristen C.
6 Mullingar Court, Unit 102
Timonium, MD 21093

By April 30th, 2015


Today we are writing letters to the amazing Julie. Her cousin told us “Julie is one of the most amazing people I know. She's strong, funny, intelligent, and incredibly caring. Julie's always willing to throw down everything to support others. In the past few years, Julie has struggled with her personal worth and has had many ups and downs. Throughout all the tough times, I have watched her will and her strength pull her out of the dark spaces. Julie is an inspiration. A month or two ago, Julie made the decision stop drinking, so that she can further support her personal growth. This journey will be really hard for this young woman and I think she could use some support and encouragement. I'd love to show her that love has no limits.”
Grab a pen + paper to script some encouragement for Julie!

Please mail all love letters to:

Julie’s bundle
℅ Michelle M.  
4021 Beecher Street NW
Apt #1
Washington, DC 20007

By April 30th, 2015


Debbie’s mother has lovingly requested letters for her daughter. She writes “My daughter has been struggling with depression, anxiety and OCD for most of her life. It has always made it hard for her to make and keep friends. She truly is a wonderful, intelligent and funny person. She is patient and loyal and at only twenty three, she has all the wisdom of a fifty year old. A few years ago she also found out that she is schizoaffective and it has been such a battle to get her happy about anything. The only time I really see joy in her brilliant eyes is when she gets letters and pictures from her nieces and nephews. For her to have those reminders that people do really care about her brings such peace and happiness to her.” Help us remind Debbie that she is not alone.

Please mail all love letters to:

Debbie’s bundle
℅ Brenda B.
11 Frank street
Capreol, Ontario
P0M 1H0

By April 30th, 2015


“Sarah lost the love of her life, Saturday, March 21, 2015... the day they were to be married.” Sarah’s sweet friend and co-worker wrote to us.

“Sarah's fiancé, Matt had fought and beat cancer when he began not feeling well. Although initially dismissed by doctors, Matt demanded a full evaluation and it was found the cancer had returned and spread. He was only given a few months to live. While Matt and Sarah had originally planned to have their wedding this June, Matt's health began to rapidly decline. They decided to have a courthouse ceremony, and then have the wedding the following week. The day of the wedding arrived, but he passed on Saturday morning with his sweet Sarah by his side. His last words to Sarah were, "I'm sorry, and I love you." As a dedicated 5th grade teacher, she is returning to school just a week after his funeral to continue working and loving her students. Her grace and love for Matt and others is amazing.” Let’s remind Sarah that she is loved.


Sarah’s bundle
℅ Hannah H.
1626 SW 14th Street
Apt 18
Gainesville, FL 32608

BY APRIL 30TH, 2015