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Emily’s fiancé wrote to us and shared not only how wonderful Emily is, but how we can offer her some much needed encouragement:

“Emily is one of the most kind, caring, and compassionate people and she is an amazing fiancée! These last few months have been especially difficult for her and she is definitely in need of some encouragement! Emily is a Peace Corps volunteer serving abroad and entering her second year of service. Being away from her family and friends back home has been extremely difficult, not to mention the culture and language differences that living abroad has posed. On top of all this, her Peace Corps volunteer friends are scattered throughout the country, resulting in infrequent and sporadic meet-ups that leave her feeling more alone.

As a Youth Development volunteer, Emily dedicates her time to the children in her community, teaching life skills, self-esteem workshops, and so much more! She will even be starting up a youth group in the coming weeks to continue teaching skills she is extremely passionate about. Recently though, anxiety and depression have hit her a bit hard and she does not feel like she is making a difference with her work.

After her best friend in Peace Corps was forced to go home for medical reasons, Emily has felt more alone in her community and service than ever before. I know some love letters would absolutely make her light up and give her the encouragement and love she needs to continue serving knowing that there are tons of people rooting for her!”

Arm yourselves with pens + write to Emily with us!

Letters are welcome in both Spanish and English.

please mail all letters to:

Emily’s bundle
℅ Nick B. 
4248 Pella Ln
McFarland, WI 53558

Please have all letters in the mail by OCTOBER 31, 2019.


Cynthia is currently facing some difficult circumstances and is in need of hope. Her cousin wrote to us:

“My cousin Cynthia is by far one of the kindest and most generous people that I know. She’s a registered nurse (for over 40 years) and a loving, caregiving individual by nature.

Personally, Cynthia has always been a rock in my life. She’s the type of person who never forgets your birthday, and is always there to extend an encouraging word or a thoughtful gesture when you need it. 

When I was very young, Cynthia used to babysit me. My mom was a single working mom, and she relied on the support of family. I couldn’t pronounce Cynthia’s full name, but instead I called her “ Cyn-tha-wee.” At this time in her life however, the compassion and love that my Cynthawee so generously bestows on to me and so many others, needs to be turned in her direction. Cynthia was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. While she is bravely walking through this challenge and has love and support around her, she could use more love and encouragement. Adding to the challenges of overcoming cancer, Cynthia also has chronic kidney disease. The kidney disease causes her to be anemic which causes fatigue. The chemotherapy treatments worsen that fatigue. Unable to work, she’s spending her days trying to stay positive, eat well, get some exercise, rest as needed, and take good care of herself.

Receiving an unexpected love letter bundle would touch her heart and mean so much. She’s so accustomed to playing the role of the strong loving one. How beautiful it would be for that role to be reversed and for her to be on the receiving end of that love and strength.”

Join us as we send a bundle of love to Cynthia!

please mail all letters to:

Cynthia’s bundle
℅ Ingrid W. 
75 W. Walnut Street
Unit #346
Pasadena, CA 91103

Please have all letters in the mail by October 31, 2019.


Sophie’s father is requesting a bundle of letters for her during a challenging time. He shared with us:

“Sophie is an incredible bundle of light and love, but she is struggling mightily with anxiety and depression that has left her fearful and ashamed of her own existence. She loves music and painting, but is challenged to muster up the energy to enjoy either. She is a writer and poet, but unable to tap into her creativity. She is in her early twenties with her whole life ahead of her, but she is overwhelmed by the fact she doesn't have it all figured out already.

Sophie needs encouragement, support, and the recognition that she isn't the only one suffering through these battles. I'm hopeful that a bundle of love letters along with treatment will give her the confidence and fortitude to make the journey out of the dark hole she finds herself in today.”

Grab your pens + join us in penning words of encouragement to Sophie!

please mail all letters to:

Sophie’s bundle
℅ Josh A. 
2331 Schuetz Rd
St. Louis, MO 63146

Please have all letters in the mail by October 31, 2019.