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Nevaeh’s mother wrote to us + requested a bundle for her daughter during a difficult time. She shared:

“Nevaeh could use all the love, support, and positivity that the world has to offer. She has been bullied for about two years now. It got so bad that at eight years old, she said she was going to kill herself. Since then, it has been a battle for her to overcome the bullies and her depression, but she is trying. Nevaeh doesn't have many friends, and because I am her mom, "I have to say nice things" to her. She doesn't believe me when I say she is beautiful, funny, strong, and amazing–so maybe if other people do, she could start to believe it.”

Please join us as we share with Nevaeh how wonderful she is!

please mail all letters to:

Nevaeh’s bundle

℅ Stephanie A. 

177 Montgomery Ave

Boyertown, PA 19512


Please have all letters in the mail by August 31, 2019.


A friend of Sam’s reached out to us + requested some encouragement for her. They wrote:

“Sam is a wonderful woman and she does a lot for our community. She works in the healthcare field, advocates for others nonstop, and educates many. She is the mother of a young son and she always puts him before herself. Recently, Sam found herself a single parent and has been struggling emotionally.

Sam is struggling after this breakup–overwhelmed by feelings of self-abatement and failure. Before this, she was always so full of light and energy. It's still there, but Sam needs help to see that. She is amazing and the world needs her. I think that she would be excited to know that there are people out there who genuinely do care and want to lift her up!”

Join us in penning some encouragement to Sam!

please mail all letters to:

Sam’s bundle

℅ Chalea H. 

2249 N Jefferson Ave

Springfield, MO 65803


Please have all letters in the mail by August 31, 2019.


Ashton is in need of some encouragement + support. Her girlfriend shared with us:

“Ashton has always been a super positive and kind person, but after coming out to her family as a lesbian, there was backlash that has been hurting her. She's being discriminated against at work, her family doesn't want her at family events or in family pictures, and other similar struggles are happening. I'm her only support system right now, and as much as I love her and help her I'm only one person and she needs more than just me showing her some love and support.”

Grab your pens and let’s share with Ashton that love + support that is needed.

please mail all letters to:

Ashton’s bundle

℅ Raine B. 

1833 W Boise Ave. Apt F

Boise, ID 83706


Please have all letters in the mail by August 31, 2019.


A daughter shared with us some of her mother’s story + her need for affirmation. Sabine’s daughter wrote in her request:

“She was only eighteen when she had me and it was not too long after my birth that my mother split up with my biological father. I can hardly imagine how difficult it must have been for her to raise me, being a single mom for most of my childhood. Nevertheless, my mother always put me first; she even took a break from her education to take care of me and worked very hard to make money. She simply did what she had to do and she never complained about her situation. Rather, she used all her energy to make me feel loved and wanted.

This past May, at age forty-seven, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She did not complain; she accepted the challenge and simply started to fight. While she has great coworkers and close friends she can reach out to, there is no significant other to give her emotional support during the treatment. I feel that sometimes it is not easy for her and that she needs cheering up. She is the best mum anyone could ever ask for and she really deserves some encouragement to make it through this cancer treatment. Believe me, she’s worth it.”

Let’s rally around Sabine + show her just how loved she is!

Letters are welcome in English, German, French and Spanish

please mail all letters to:

Sabine’s bundle

℅ Carolin I.

Rüppurrer Straße 100

76137 Karlsruhe


Please have all letters in the mail by August 31, 2019.