The August Letter Requests.

Below are some letter requests hand picked by our team. We hope you enjoy reading the stories and join us in scripting letters to these fantastic people. New letter requests are posted on the first of each month so check back regularly for fresh requests!




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Julie wrote to us and shared part of her friend Emily’s story:

“If you ask me what my definition of a warrior is, Emily's name would be the first thing you would read. If you ever get the chance to meet her, you will know why so many people love her. She fights against a body whose illnesses are stacked against her, but she does it with such grace and humility that many do not know the severity of her illnesses. Emily suffers from severe chronic pain and has been diagnosed with gastroparesis (or GP as we call it). GP is an illnesses where your stomach and intestines are paralyzed. Emily is unable to eat without severe pain and nausea, and she vomits every single time she eats. Because of this, Emily has a permanent IV that goes directly into her heart where she receives nutrition.

The past few years, Emily's illnesses have made her body decline in health and function. Many days she is unable to get out of bed. Many of her friends have stopped inviting her to functions, because no one really wants to be around the "sick girl.” They do not understand that she has to cancel plans because her body does not have the physical energy to get out of bed. I know Emily feels extremely lonely and isolated and it has taken a mental toll on her. She wants so much more for herself, but is trapped in a broken body with no cure or end in sight.

Despite all this, Emily brings such light to so many people. She uses the energy and times she can get out of bed to help others and make sure no one is left behind, alone, or unhappy. Emily is one of the most beautiful, humble, and voracious warriors I know. She never asks for anything, and I feel that this bundle would let Emily know how loved, appreciated, and cared for she is–because I know she does not get that from too many people in her life.”

Join us as we pen words of light + hope to Emily!

Please mail all letters to:

Emily’s bundle

℅ Julie S.

2221 Eucalyptus Avenue

Escondido, CA 92029


Please have all letters in the mail by August 31, 2018


When Luisa’s request showed up in our inbox, we knew we just had to share it! Her friend wrote:

“It may sound strange that I nominate someone whom I have never seen in person. However, I am fully convinced that Louisa needs a lot of support and hugs–and our help.

I have “met” Luisa in a forum for coeliac disease where she asked for help in getting a proper diagnosis. She was exhausted, frustrated, and full of pain. Although she has the classic symptoms for coeliac disease, she also described other symptoms I have been familiar with, but in her case, no one knew where they came from. But I knew. So I wrote her a message and told her that she is like me.

Luisa is a young woman who has had to suffer from her birth. She was born with subluxated hips and during her life she went through a lot of orthopedic surgeries. Despite her twenty-two year old smiling face, inside of her body, she is around eighty years old. She is suffering daily from pain.

However, Luisa recently finished high school and her new dream is to be a speech therapist. This study is very expensive and her physical condition makes it almost impossible. But only almost; I believe she can do it. She needs someone to remind her how great and smart she is and that she can achieve this dream. I know how hard it is to fight against such a disease, when no one believes that you are sick. No one can see the bone deformations, inflammation, and nerve damage in Luisa’s body. Many doctors and geneticists don’t even believe her. But Luisa should reach for her dreams. I know that when your mind is strong enough you can bear the pain, and things are possible that you never imagined.”

Join us as we remind Luisa that she can achieve her dreams!

Letters are welcome in English and German.

Please mail all letters to:

Luisa’s bundle

℅ A. Janicová

Adolfstraße 8

60528 Frankfurt am Main


Please have all letters in the mail by August 31, 2018


Wayne’s step-daughter is requesting a bundle for him as he faces difficult circumstances. She wrote:

“Wayne has been an important person to me for half of my life. He and my mother began dating in 2001, and are still happily together seventeen years later. A few years ago, Wayne had a bout with pneumonia that landed him in a coma for several days, which we were unsure if he would wake up from. He did wake up though, and since that day, he has been a different man–he rededicated himself to God, to health, and being a better man.

The downside to Wayne’s health battle is that he was forced into early retirement, as he wasn’t strong enough to continue his physically demanding work as an oil company engineer. Along with his retirement came a much lower income, which has left him feeling like less of a man and a waste of space. Wayne’s depression has been sneaking in since this retirement. He also has severe chronic pain in his back that often cripples him with spasms. As well as the fact that he has two children and some grandchildren from his first marriage whom he hears from off and on. While he doesn’t talk about it much, I know that not seeing them is painful.

Through all of this, though — Wayne is always helping others. He is the source of so much laughter. He sings off the wall songs, makes hilarious jokes, and when he laughs, the whole room laughs. But when the laughter stops, the darkness creeps in. I want Wayne to know that his illness, chronic pain and retirement don’t make him any less of a man. And just because he isn’t out “working,” that doesn’t mean he is any less valuable to this world.”

Let’s stack hands + pen Wayne letters that tell him just that!

Please mail all letters to:

Wayne’s bundle

℅ Katie C.

5943 Frontenac St

Philadelphia, PA 19149


Please have all letters in the mail by August 31, 2018


A friend of Rachel’s requested a bundle of letters for her as she deals with multiple health issues. Her friend wrote:

“I have known Rachel for about ten years.  She's in her late thirties and deals with health issues that leave her bedridden most of the time. Rachel’s son and my son are best friends. However, her family had to move far away from our area several years ago to a small town in the Midwest. The past three summers, my son and I have flown up to see them; my son and her son go to camp for a week and I help her out at home. Unfortunately, this summer our trip had to be cancelled. This family has endured a long, hard trial with Rachel’s illness and this was an extra hard blow to have to cancel this trip. Rachel already feels so invisible due to being bedridden, and now she lost a week with a friend. I would love to give Rachel a little attention and encouragement right now.”

Grab your pens + join us in sending Rachel some encouragement!

Please mail all letters to:

Rachel’s bundle

℅ Elizabeth N.

3363 Morning Top Place

Suwanee, GA 30024


Please have all letters in the mail by August 31, 2018


Marissa’s friend reached out to us and requested a bundle of letters for her as she faces a number of health complications and difficulties. Her friend shared:

“Marissa has been in my life for less than a year now, but it feels as if I've known her my whole life. She is the most giving and selfless person I have ever met. She recently found out that her lupus has come back and that she has developed Hashimoto's and Sjögren’s diseases. She also found out that her seven year old son has anisocoria, convergence insufficiency, and a misalignment of the eye. Without vision therapy, Marissa’s son will lose his eyesight.

Marissa could really use good thoughts, love, and positive vibes from the world when it feels like everything is working against her. I want to show her that no matter what life throws at her, there is still good here.”

Join us in reminding Marissa that there is good in life + she deserves some of it!

Please mail all letters to:

Marissa’s bundle

℅ Skye P.

5815 Pine Canyon Drive

Bakersfield, CA 93313


Please have all letters in the mail by August 31, 2018