Our story started on a 4 train in New York City..


hannah brencher


Hannah Brencher is a TED Speaker, and blogger dedicated her life and work to the brokenhearted. She founded More Love Letters in 2011. Her books "Come Matter Here" and “If You Find This Letter” are in bookstores across the country. Hannah's life revolves around dead-lifting, theology, and true crime. She lives in Atlanta with her husband Lane.


nicole shepard

team glue

Nicole has an old soul, an obsession for stationery and a deep love for the written word. She earns her living as a graphic designer, but lives her life as an encourager and comedian. Team building and mentoring are her jam. Words of affirmation are literally her love language which gives her a deeply rooted passion for MLL. When she's not writing love letters, she's probably reading, singing show tunes or dreaming about New York City.


sara brink

Campus cursive 

Sara Brink is an avid writer, a voracious reader, and a serious cat lover. She helped design and implement the Campus Cursive program back in 2012 after graduating from Hofstra University. When she's not writing love letters, she's baking and decorating cookies and cakes. You can probably find her slugging coffee and dancing to Taylor Swift.


sharon rhodes 

campus cursive 

Sharon is a writer, editor and vivid dreamer living in New York. She's kept a handwritten journal for 12 years and counting, loves maps of all kind, and learning the stories behind tattoos. Sharon enjoys eating ice cream and prefers backing into parking spaces. 


claire taylor 

spreadsheet guru + assistant to hb.

Claire has a heart for details and people; color-coded excel sheets and to-do lists bring her as much joy as coffee and a quality conversation with a good friend. When she isn't working at as a market research analyst, she is exploring Washington D.C., teaching fitness classes, and telling anyone who will listen about the enneagram. 


taylor bertolini 

campus cursive side kick

Taylor started writing love notes when she developed the habit from her mom, who used to leave them in lunch boxes, medicine cabinets and on bathroom mirrors. Her passion for spreading love has morphed into starting a Campus Cursive chapter at her college campus. Taylor is an avid lover of iced coffee, flowers and stationary. Her love for nature and being outside in sunny south Florida has lead her to study Environmental Science. By day she's an ordinary college student, working at her on-campus radio station who leaves notes in the coffee shop. But by night she's a love-letter ninja handling spreadsheets, emails and brainstorming new ideas.

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laura backe

love letter bundle facilitator

Laura began writing letters at age 8 when her family moved 600+ miles from the mid-west to the beautiful mountains of North Carolina and continues to write letters today. By day, she can be found creating adventures all over town with children as a nanny. By night, she is MLL's bundle coordinator - knee deep in spreadsheets, emails, requests for love letters and stories of how letters have impacted lives.  


bella bonnano

love letter bundle facilitator

Bella is an encourager and story-teller. Black coffee, magnolias, and grace are her love languages. While her heart is rooted in the mountains of Oregon, Bella can also sometimes be found penning love letters in France and the Netherlands. She’s Laura’s sidekick, and spends many a night reading the heartrending and gutsy stories of human beings for MLL.


kat ambrose

social media manager

Kat has been passionate about writing since she can remember. Her childhood was spent dreaming up characters and the worlds they lived in. Her love of writing has carried her through many wonderful opportunities including becoming a contributor to an online women's magazine as well as her first job out of college. She dreams of becoming an author one day and is working on her first book. When she's not writing or working on awesome social media projects for More Love Letters, you can find her reading a true crime novel, exploring the great outdoors, plant shopping, or petting the nearest dog.