The following letter requests were hand-picked by our team. You have until the listed deadline to read the stories, script a few letters, and drop them in the mailbox for the listed addresses below. At the time of deadline, all the love letters will be bundled up and delivered, topped with a note from the MLL team. We sincerely hope you'll script beside us. 

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Kelly’s friend requested letters for her to offer some encouragement during a difficult period in her life. Her friend wrote “My friend dedicated her life to children, working as an elementary school teacher for 17 years at the same school where she once began her own elementary school education. She also has 3 of her own children, ages 8, 13, and 15, as well as two step-children.

One year ago, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and the last year of her life has been incredibly challenging. The doctors have struggled to identify an effective treatment and to be sure that they had the right diagnosis. A few months after her diagnosis, she attempted to return to work, but she eventually had to make the difficult decision of stepping away from her position as a teacher. Throughout the last year, she has been in and out of the hospital constantly. Both her memory and her mobility has been impacted. At one point, her memory reached the point she struggled to navigate her own home. She began to rely on a wheelchair to move about both in and outside of her home. After spending a month in the hospital receiving a variety of treatments, both her mobility and memory improved greatly. She now is somewhat stable, and she receives a treatment called plasmapheresis once a month at the hospital. She no longer has to rely on a wheelchair, but she still struggles with exhaustion and with remembering how to do many tasks that at one time were second nature to her. She is no longer able to drive, and this also places limitations on what she is able to do throughout the day.  Her greatest heartache has been that she is no longer able to teach.  There is not a day that goes by that she does not wish to be back in her classroom with her sweet students. Her former students and parents of students and coworkers all attest to the impact she has had on so many lives.

The two most important things in her life have been being a teacher and being a mom, and the disease and its severity have  left her unable to do many of the tasks that once made her who she was. She is walking through the challenging territory of finding a "new normal," but there are days when facing the road ahead of her feels overwhelming and impossible. There are days she feels that she is a burden rather than a gift to the people in her life, and she does not always see how much joy and love her presence brings to the people around her. My friend is brave and strong, but depression tells her she is not.” Pick up a pen & join us in sending love & encouragement to Kelly.


Kelly’s bundle
℅ Hallie F.
PO Box 3319
Summerville, SC  29484



“My granny is the most awesome human being in the world.” Mama Olga’s granddaughter wrote to us. “When she was really young she had to escape from her country in the 1940s because of the World War II in Slovenia. She even had to leave her mom behind. Without knowing how to speak Spanish she came to Argentina and with a lot of hard work and persistence she built her family here. She has one son and one daughter (my mom). My grandpa died in 2007. He had Alzheimer's.

Mama Olga has proven to be very strong. She had to deal with her husband's illness and, at the same time, with her own illness: cancer. Thankfully, it all turned just fine. This year, 2017, she celebrated her 95th birthday. One day before it, she fell on the street and broke her hip. Tragedy had visited our home once again. The doctor that came home told us that it was nothing to worry so, that night, at midnight, she requested for her birthday to be celebrated. We had cake and took many photos at her house, in her bedroom.

Three days after her fall she underwent surgery and had her hip replaced. All of the family came together to give her hope and strength. She is now living at a retirement home temporarily in order to recover completely. Her absence is unbearable at home. It's been four months and recently, she's been starting to feel sad. The psychiatrist of the institution said that she's depressed. She feels lonely and is constantly calling us home crying. We don't know what to do to make her feel better. She always says that even though the place is beautiful, she feels sad. All of the other patients have either dementia or are a bit lost, so she feels like there's no one to talk to.She used to watch TV and read, and she is not doing that anymore. She has been through a lot and has proven to be stronger than any of us. Her passion for life has even given me the strength to move on. I would love to see her smile and enjoy herself again!” Please join us in reminding Mama Olga of all the joys in life and show her that she is not alone.

*Letters are welcome in Spanish, English and Slovene*


Mama Olga’s bundle
℅ Erika U.
Espora 465
Ramos Mejia
Buenos Aires



Carlee’s loving cousin has reached out to us to request a bundle of letters for her. Her cousin wrote “Carlee is only 22 years old, but she has come under a lot of stress. She was in school and recently earned a sports medicine certificate, but has gone back to working to help pay household rent, along with my grandmother and aunt. Carlee has always been the type to do things and not complain, unlike the rest of us cousins. She's the one, living with our ailing grandmother and is there to help give medications, and other things that my grandmother needs help with. I know that right now especially it can seem for her that the entire world is against her, as I know she doesn't have many people to befriend besides coworkers, as she works so often.  Even then, it seems she rarely has time away from her job or our grandmother to have any fun, or receive a lot of love from others. I would love for her to receive some love letters, because I think she needs to be reminded how awesome she is.”Grab a pen & paper to help us remind Carlee that she is awesome & loved!


Carlee’s bundle
℅ Sidney J.
4725 Tonino Drive
San Jose, CA 95136



“Dani is one of those amazing individuals who will always have a smile on her face and do everything in her power to make sure that YOU "have a magical day," as they say at Walt Disney World, where she has cheerfully worked for almost a decade now.” Her best friend wrote to us.

“Even in the face of great tragedy, Dani looks out for others, and I want to repay her for the support she's provided over the years. From the day I met her in 10th grade, she has been one of the biggest sources of support and guidance in my life. When we are together, other people comment that it's obvious why we're best friends. Our inside jokes, strange senses of humor, and love for things that others just can't understand, show a bond that is not unlike that of a close brother and sister.

One of the toughest things a brother has to do is support his sister through difficult times.” Recently, Dani’s father passed away after discovering that he had cancer and multiple brain tumors. Her best friend may not be close by physically but wants to send her love & support the way she has done for him many times during their friendship. Join us in penning words of love & encouragement for Dani.


Dani’s bundle
℅ Steve J.
24 Village Place Apt E
Ithaca, NY 14850



“Marissa is the most inspiring person I have ever met. She is dedicated, to life and to her responsibilities. She puts everyone in her life before herself and there's no doubt in my mind that if she could hug every single person who needed a smile, she would travel days on end to do so.” A close friend wrote to us.

“I have never seen someone work as hard as this girl does.  We're entering our senior year in college, and if the lingering nerves of the unknown weren't daunting enough, Marissa is going through the process of applying to grad school.

I saw Marissa last week and she is struggling. For the last eight years, Marissa has fought a very long hard battle with bulimia. She has demons that she tries so hard to fight but seems to always find herself a little short of strength.

If you met this girl, you would never see her pain. She hides everything with the most comforting smile and demeanor you have ever seen. When I saw her last week, she broke down and begged for help that i didn't know how to give. I have never seen herself doubt her abilities as much as she currently is. The pressure she's putting on herself with an upcoming GRE and extensive applications is pushing her to an edge that's affecting her body image and self worth in a way I've never seen her. Marissa needs and deserves to know how incredible she is even though she just can't see it right now.  She just needs a push to give her the strength to get her through the next few months. When Marissa is around, she makes everyone around her feel like they're the most important person in the world in that moment and she deserves for once in her life to feel the way she makes others feel.” Grab a pen & join us in reminding Marissa how strong and incredible she is!


Marissa’s bundle
℅ JayLeen M.
265 Oak Forest Drive
Brick, NJ 08724