The July Letter Requests.

Below are some letter requests hand picked by our team. We hope you enjoy reading the stories and join us in scripting letters to these fantastic people. New letter requests are posted on the first of each month so check back regularly for fresh requests!




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Amanda contacted us with a touching request for her sister, Emily. She shared:

“My sister is twenty years old and struggling with severe anxiety. Her anxiety has made some situations worse for her–such as dating, certain social activities, and some normal everyday situations. Emily is such a strong young woman and does not mess around with what she doesn't want, and I commend her for that. Lately, she has been struggling in particular in the dating world. To make a long story short, Emily has never been in a relationship and feels that because of that, she's not normal for a person her age. I try to help her understand that being in her position at twenty is completely normal, but I know she has a hard time believing me. I think if she had some others telling her it's okay or that there's nothing wrong with her, it would help her. Her anxiety has let some situations get the better of her, so any advice on how to combat anxiety and how to thrive is more than welcome.”

Grab your pens and join us in writing words of encouragement + solidarity with Emily in her situation!

Please mail all letters to:

Emily’s bundle

℅ Amanda P.

22 Rutgers Road

Suite 200

Pittsburgh, PA 15205


Please have all letters in the mail by JULY 31, 2018


Seth’s girlfriend reached out to us and shared part of his heartbreaking story:

“My boyfriend, Seth, grew up deeply impacted by physical abuse and dysfunction. As an adult, he suffers from social anxiety, mistrust, and fear–which he masks with bravado and a devil-may-care attitude. He's handsome, creative, and a talented guitar player, but he constantly over-analyzes people and situations. He feels so deeply and yet he's afraid that he is broken beyond repair. Seth sought relief through substance abuse, but this May marked his 4th year clean from a 10 year heroin and alcohol addiction. He works hard at his job and on himself, but feels like he wasted his youth. I'd like to surprise him with letters for his 39th birthday this month.

Seth is afraid that disappointment or judgement will follow him. He's afraid to love anything enough to lose it. He is the type that will act like he doesn't care about anything, but he will keep tiny mementos of people or places that he hides away–a card from his birthday, a flower I picked him, a rock from the beach.  He is sentimental and kind inside, but projects an image to keep people away. I want this birthday to show him that ‘family’ doesn’t have just one definition, that he is powerful and worthy of love, that people care, that hope is okay, and that 39 is not too old to start living the life you want.”

Let’s make sure Seth receives all those messages!

Please mail all letters to:

Seth’s bundle

℅ Brandy D.

50 South Main Street

West Lebanon, NH 03784


Please have all letters in the mail by JULY 31, 2018


Catie’s friend reached out to us and requested a bundle of letters for her as she faces difficult circumstances. She shared:

“Catie just found out her boyfriend of over a year has been cheating on her. She is hands down one of the strongest women I know, but she is in need of a reminder that life will go on after her ex. She gave this guy her all, and he was sleeping around with who knows how many women.

I've known Catie since high school and have seen her sacrifice so much for so many people. She is selfless, loving, and a great friend to anyone she meets. I just want her to know she's not alone and that there is still love in the world.”

Join us as we share a little bit of that love with Catie + remind her of how much she’s worth!

Please mail all letters to:

Catie’s bundle

℅ Samantha B.

3560 Route 40

Washington, PA 15301


Please have all letters in the mail by JULY 31, 2018


Xus is struggling in life, and his friend requested a bundle for him during this difficult time. This is part of his story:

“While Xus and I are both primary teachers who work in the same school, we are also good friends. I have only known him for two years, but he is an amazing person. You can talk about everything with him and he will always make you feel comfortable without any fear and judgement. Xus is that wonderful person you always want to have around because he will do the impossible to help you, without hesitation. At school, Xus is the most famous teacher and children love him. They get really excited every time they have lessons with him.

However, Xus is now having a really bad time. Lately, he has been feeling down and is on sick leave for depression. He is not feeling well about himself. This year has been really tough for Xus. He wakes up every morning unwillingly and he just wants to go back to bed to switch off so that he can keep his mind blank and relax.

I want the joyful Xus to be back. No one deserves what he is going through. Xus is strong, he is on the right path to get better, but he needs a little help. I must confess, I am having a tough time too, because I would love to help him more but I don’t know how to do so. I feel so sad for him. I will do anything to cheer him up again. All I want is for Xus to smile again, and together I think we can make that happen.”

Grab your pens + scribble out a letter full of hope for Xus!

Letters are welcome in English, Spanish, and Catalan.

Please mail all letters to:

Xus’s bundle

℅ Carmen B.

Avda. Daniel Gil 28, 6º - pta 12

46870 Ontinyent  (Valencia)


Please have all letters in the mail by JULY 31, 2018