the letter requests

Below are some letter requests hand picked by our team. We hope you enjoy reading the stories and join us in scripting letters to these fantastic people. New letter requests are posted on the first of each month so check back regularly for fresh requests!





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We received a request from Anushka’s friend in which she details some of the struggles Anushka is facing:

“Anushka is a beautiful and lovable seventeen year old. She has been my friend for over a year now. At the beginning of our friendship, Anushka was always happy, but after some time, I noticed that something had changed. She had mood swings and she told me that she has been suffering with depression. Once I witnessed one of her panic attacks and it almost broke my heart. She even told me that she has been playing with the thought of committing suicide. I was shocked and felt really sad because I didn’t know how to help Anushka. Her life has never been easy. She is bullied because of her weight and she has some family problems. She is on medication, but has struggled with the side-effects.

Anushka is going through a very hard time and I know she often feels lonely. Her best friend she has had since childhood doesn’t even understand her illness. It’s hard for me to see her suffering like that and not really be able to help her. That’s why I would like to see her smile again. So please, please help me to bring some brightness back into her life.”

Grab your pens + help us to do just that for Anushka! Let’s bring light back to her life through love letters.

Please mail all letters to:

Anushka’s bundle

℅ Rahel W.

Chisenmattweg 10

3510 Konolfingen


Please have all letters in the mail by March 31st, 2018


Kevin’s wife reached out to us + requested a bundle of letters for him during a trying season. She shared:

“My husband is in a dark place. He was a career marine who's been deployed as a special operations sniper more times than I can count. He's been retired for several years now, and is battling depression, anxiety, nightmares, and an inability to see any good in himself. He feels he is irredeemable. Our marriage has been a battle, and we often feel on the brink of divorce. I am so overwhelmed by his pain, and so lonely, and I can't find it in me to say the words he needs to hear when he needs to hear them. I am failing him. My greatest hope is that he would receive letters–letters that revalue him, letters that give him hope and help him come to terms with his past, letters that help him feel loved in a way that I am struggling to do myself. Love is the answer to anger, to hate, to fear, to jealousy, to resentment, and to regret, but I don’t know how to love him well right now. I need help. We need help.”

Let’s put the pen to the page letter writers + speak words of affirmation, encouragement, and love to Kevin!

Please mail all letters to:

Kevin’s bundle

℅ K. Abrams

ASU English Department

ASU Box 32052

Boone, NC 28608


Please have all letters in the mail by March 31st, 2018


We received a touching letter request from Cody’s sister. She writes that while she + Cody were enemies growing up, they came together after their father attempted to merge their family with another. Their home was too small and they did not get along well with the children of their father’s girlfriend. Cody’s sister shared:

“Cody was there for me when things were too much, when my anger got too out of sorts, and even when my dad finally broke it off and the family was out of our lives. Ever since, we have been best friends.

Cody is the sweetest, funniest, most warm-hearted soul you'll ever come across. He'll take your music suggestions and give some of his. He'll ask for your advice and follow it because he trusts you. He's been my rock through divorce and mental health. I've been beside him during toxic relationships and struggles with judgmental adults. He's been through so much and I have never loved anyone more. He's my best friend and I will forever stand by him. Right now, he's a part of the best relationship ever. Something that stuck out to me about this one is that I can finally look into my brother’s eyes and see the glimmer of love he has when he looks at her. He has so much love. But he never realizes this. He doubts himself everyday and that's something I won't stand for. He's gone through hard times and I think he deserves all the love possible.”

Please join us as we send Cody all the encouragement + music suggestions he deserves!

Please mail all letters to:

Cody’s bundle

℅ Haley O.

2001 Alford Park Drive

Box #1070

Kenosha, WI 53140


Please have all letters in the mail by March 31st, 2018


Aaliyah’s friend shared her struggles with us + requested some encouragement. She wrote:

“Aaliyah is a rare and beautiful person, She cares deeply for others and wishes for everyone to feel whole and happy. For some time now, she has been the recipient of much cynicism and hurtful words from peers. I want for her to know how special and unique she is, and that being individual is not a curse, but a blessing. I believe that if she knows people are rooting her on and that people have been down the same path, she'll be able to walk with confidence through life.  She uses music as an outlet to express her emotion, and she's so amazingly talented at it, but she battles depression and I don't want for her to feel alone. I want for her to be able to hold these letters on her dark days and know that she is loved. I want for her to see how truly great and wanted she is.”

Join us as we root Aaliyah on + share with her some love.

Please mail all letters to:

Aaliyah’s bundle

℅ Gabriella Y.

504 Sixth Street

Campbell, OH 44405


Please have all letters in the mail by March 31st, 2018