the letter requests

Below are some letter requests hand picked by our team. We hope you enjoy reading the stories and join us in scripting letters to these fantastic people. New letter requests are posted on the first of each month so check back regularly for fresh requests!





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Rita is facing a season of uncertainty + her daughter contacted us in effort to cheer her up. She wrote:

“Receiving a love letter bundle would give my mom a renewed sense of hope she greatly needs right now, as her 60th birthday is approaching. She spent the majority of her life working multiple jobs at once, caring for her children on her own, well beyond the average call of duty. More recently, she has had quite a long period of time that has shaken her sense of who she is and what she has to offer the world and her family. My mom is one of the most caring and thoughtful people I know, but she does not often receive kindness, appreciation, or even respect from others. She is in the process of trying to rebuild her career and in some major ways, her life. Years ago, she felt that she could handle anything, but now she doesn't seem to hold that same belief.

I want to help my mom find her fight again and could use the help of the More Love Letters community to do that. I would be so grateful to be able to have a bundle of love letters for her to help her see that goodness still exists in the world. So much has taken a toll on her in the past year or so, and I'm hoping that a love letter bundle will help her to see all of the possibility and goodness still ahead for her as well.”

Please join us as we encourage Rita with the written word!

Please mail all letters to:

Rita’s bundle

℅ Melissa F.

26397 Redwood Drive

Olmsted Falls, OH 44138


Please have all letters in the mail by May 31, 2018


Jack’s sister contacted us + asked that we rally to encourage her brother during a difficult season. She shared:

“My brother Jack is one of the kindest, most selfless people I know. He is always thinking about others, even when things are difficult for him; there's always someone else who he's helping.

Like many brothers and sisters, we grew up with our parents being separated. Without going into too much detail, our biological father, although present and seemingly loving, turned out to be a different man than we thought. He caused a lot of pain to people for many years, and last year, he did some horrible things and decided he didn't want to be in our lives anymore. Jack took this very hard. Whatever terrible things our father had done, he always gave him second chance after second chance. My brother truly believes there's good in everyone. However, when our father told Jack he was ashamed of him, Jack really took it to heart and struggles everyday. It's caused him to doubt himself and the nasty words our father said to him are always on his mind.

Jack worked extremely hard to go through education, and last year he graduated in Education Studies with the dream of being a teacher. This disruption of my father’s words has caused Jack to have little faith in himself. He's less confident, and some of his earlier motivation is gone. I truly believe he will be an amazing teacher one day, he just needs to recognize how wonderful he is, and not hold all his worth in the opinions of those who don't care about him.”

Let’s join together + tell Jack just how amazing he is!

Please mail all letters to:

Jack’s bundle

℅ Amie G.

221 Rue Dufferin

Apt 303



J1H 4M3


Please have all letters in the mail by May 31, 2018


Heather wrote to us and requested a bundle of letters for her mother, Kathy, by sharing:

“My mother, Kathy, is always putting herself last. She taught me to love everyone and show kindness wherever I go, the same way she does. My mom is stronger than she gives herself credit for, but is often depressed. A little over a year ago she lost her mom–who she had been taking care of because she had Alzheimer’s. Now my mother is having health issues of her own–including needing to lose some weight and to stop smoking. She is fearful that as soon as she stops smoking she will gain more weight, but I am fearful that if she doesn’t stop smoking and get healthy, I will lose my mom, my rock.

I would love for my mom to receive these letters as encouragement and support to show her she matters and that she can do anything. She deserves to be happy and I want her to find a way to love herself as we love her. Words are powerful and I know this could be the boost she needs.”

Join us in penning words of encouragement to Kathy!

Please mail all letters to:

Kathy’s bundle

℅ Heather H.

13839 Fall Harvest Dr

Frisco, TX 75033


Please have all letters in the mail by May 31, 2018



Emily’s mother requested a bundle of letters for her daughter + shared part of Emily’s story with us. She wrote:

“Emily struggles with anorexia nervosa. People think anorexia is only about weight, but it is truly much more of a mental health disease. Emily is almost fifteen years old and in the 9th grade–a hard year for teenage girls to begin with, but with this disease, it has been even more difficult. She has zero sense of self worth and is constantly berated by the noise in her head feeding her lies about herself. She struggles not only with her eating disorder, but also with depression and extreme anxiety. Emily is beautiful inside and out, but fails to see it. I would love for her to receive letters to show her that people care, she is loved, and she is worthy.”

Please join us in encouraging Emily + reminding her that she is not alone no matter how dark these days may seem.

Please mail all letters to:

Emily’s bundle

℅ Pam D.

6264 Blakeford Drive

Windermere, Fl 34786


Please have all letters in the mail by May 31, 2018