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Laura’s struggles have been taking a toll on her recently so her spectacular sister nominated her to receive letters. Her sister wrote:

“Laura is a brave person who loves everyone around her deeply. She is thoughtful, kind, and creative. She has battled auto-immune diseases and kidney disease from childhood through adulthood. Laura recently got a discouraging report from her doctor and has had to have yet another kidney biopsy done, and she has been experiencing other pain relating to her kidney disease. Laura and her husband Michael are going through the process of hopefully becoming accepted as suitable adoptive parents so they can find a child that needs their love, but Laura's health circumstances, and financial challenges have left her struggling to hold onto hope and stay strong in faith. She could really use words of encouragement, love, and cheerfulness to brighten her day, inspire her to keep going, and remind her she isn't alone or forgotten.”

Join us in sending words of cheer to this awesome and courageous woman!

please mail all letters to:

Laura’s bundle
℅ Gabrielle D.
319 Ridge View Drive
Asheville, NC 28803

Please have all letters in the mail by APRIL 30, 2019.


Rowen’s brother requested a bundle of letters for him as he deals with some challenges in life. His brother wrote to us:

“Rowen has long been struggling with depression and grief after one of his closest friends passed away in 2017. Also, almost a year ago, he came out to his family as transgender. He did this just before his 26th birthday and it was a big shock to a lot of people. I cannot imagine how much courage it must have taken to tell us this. Since then Rowen has closed off a little, and I know this probably has to do with the fact that none of us truly understand what he's been going through. He had several suicide attempts over the past year, but has been trying so hard to get better with medication, therapy, and grief counseling. We're always telling him how much we love him and that nothing will ever change that, but I know he likely thinks that we're just saying that because we're family.

Rowen’s 27th birthday is near the end of April and it will have been a year since he came out as being transgender. I would love to gift Rowen a bundle of letters from total strangers–people who can tell him that he is valid and loved and has a place on this earth, regardless of what anyone says.”

Join us in writing to Rowen + sending him our love!

Letters are welcome in English, Dutch and simple Spanish.

please mail all letters to:

Rowen’s bundle
℅ Nik S.
56/1 Timber Bush
United Kingdom

Please have all letters in the mail by APRIL 30, 2019.


Emma’s sister reached out to us + asked if we could send her a bundle of love letters to combat her negative self-talk. She shared:

“Emma is one of the most beautiful, talented, funny, kind, and smart girls I know! She is finishing up her sophomore year of high school, but is going through a rough patch.

She isn't confident in herself and tends to put herself down, especially in order to help others feel better. Emma is a very friendly person, but she often feels like she isn't doing enough for her friends or worth their friendship.

I think Emma could use some extra love and a reminder that there is more to life than what people think of you in high school. I think she needs to be reminded of how amazing she is, even when she doesn't feel up to par.”

Join us as we let Emma know just how fantastic she is!

please mail all letters to:

Emma’s bundle
℅ Aimee M.
10464 S Jordan Gtwy #140
South Jordan, UT 84095

Please have all letters in the mail by APRIL 30, 2019.


Lala has been dealing with difficult life circumstances, and a friend of hers requested letters for her during this time. They shared:

“Lala was diagnosed with Leukemia around the beginning of July 2018. A few weeks after her diagnosis, her oldest son, Buddy, left for the U.S. Navy's bootcamp. During her fight with Leukemia and while her son was away, she finally left her abusive husband. By mid-winter, Lala's leukemia disappeared. Everyone was so excited and she felt like she was out of the woods. However, only two months later, the Leukemia returned full-swing. Meanwhile, Buddy made it through both Naval boot camp and Navy Seal training. So Lala has found herself fighting Leukemia, fighting a newfound loneliness since leaving her husband, and fighting the battle that every mother faces when their child chooses the career of a Navy Seal.

Lala is a strong woman and she has a deep faith in Jesus, but even the strongest of us need extra hugs and words of encouragement when life piles up. It should also be noted that Lala is legally deaf. So while she can't hear words, she can read them and feel them.”

Grab your pens + let’s share some encouragement with Lala!

please mail all letters to:

Lala’s bundle
℅ Peyton G.
3 Timberland Trail
Newnan, GA 30263

Please have all letters in the mail by APRIL 30, 2019.