The Do's + Yikes, Stop That Right Now's of Love Letter Writing.

It is a surreal feeling, to compose a letter to an individual that you have no ties to but at the same time you want the whole wide world for them. Really, we are not told enough, in a genuine noncommercial manner, how brilliant we are. How intriguing and wonderful we are. How much we should be commended for waking up today and deciding to take on the task of being human. It is not an easy task.”
— hb


  • Get creative with your letter writing. There are limitless possibilities lurking behind the stationery, stickers, calligraphy pens and craft store essentials you can use to script a good love letter.
  •  Tell stories. If you have been there before, write it. Don’t be afraid to let yourself sit on the page. As you pour honesty out through the pen you might be surprised by the liberating feeling that comes from linking up your soul with that of a stranger.
  • Gather your friends and write love letters together. Seriously, what is better than a night spent laughing and writing love letters with your closest pals, slugging cider while pretending text messages don’t yet exist and email is only a one-day, some-day creation you’ve seen on the Jetsons.


  • We ask that all letter writers do not include personal contact information in their letters. Though it might be nice to grab a pen pal, we want to keep all our letter writers safe. All love letters come through our PO Box first. We sort them, sift through their content, and mail them under the More Love Letters PO Box address.
  • We are not mushy, gushy letter writers. Please keep all the arrows secured in Cupid’s bow. Please keep all the love sonnets tucked in Juliet’s pocket.  They will not come in handy here.
  • We are not experts. We are not problem solvers. We ask that our letter writers stick to love and encouragement when writing these love letters. Your job is not to offer advice, but to offer support through your words to someone who really needs it. We also understand that some of these love letter requests hit close to home. Do not ever feel like you MUST write a love letter, even if you’ve committed. If you are not comfortable with a topic, you can absolutely opt out.