Put down the textbook and read this: A love letter to college students during final exams.


I’ve been there before.

Books piled up in a stack beside you. Nodding off to the glow of the computer screen. Neon strips of highlighter scraped across your forehead— not left from a raging highlighter party the night before but rather the all-nighter spent spooning Shakespeare term papers and mind-rattling interpretations of Samuel Beckett’s best works.

Some of you are halfway through, knees sunk deep in the muds of history power points and audio projects. Some of you are stammering in the mirror before you give that final speech in class tomorrow. Maybe you are still muddling through the differences between el & usted. Nosotros & Vosotros.

Some of you are stocking up on caffeine fixes and 5-Hour Energy drinks before the storm hits. A storm of finals worth 60% of your grade. 12-pagers that will have you crawling into the light of the morning, turning your study guide into a white flag to wave and surrender.

You’ll make it.

I know it. 

I can promise there are lights & lanterns & the promise of summer nights at the end of your tunnel. Perhaps it won’t be the grace of a love letter that gets you through but the grace you’ll gain from the sound of the last book shutting. The sound of the last pages shuffling out from the printer and into your professor’s mailbox.


Remember to breathe. To eat. To sleep, if you can. Curl up on the couch in the campus center if that’s what it takes. Listen to the Taylor Swift (she never gets old) while you slug a sugar-filled latte you so deserve. And, on the nights where 1am comes quicker than shoppers to Best Buy on Black Friday, be the one to text your friends, "Diner. 2am. I'll drive." 

I still keep that memory.

I keep it and laugh to myself because I honestly never thought I would miss it. A stack of pancakes. An open laptop. Hot chocolate with whipped cream dribbling from the side. All of us laughing, seniors and juniors and a few sophomores, not knowing at the time that we might as well whispered, “Yes, we are going to miss all of this one day soon.” 

It’s hard to believe that right now as you struggle to swallow every prefix in the dictionary or every literary term you’ll need to dissect that Emily D. poem tomorrow. But the closeness of friends in one place, seeing the sun coming up before you close a book, the 24/7 mandatory sweatpants apparel for at least the next two weeks… you’ll miss it when it is gone.


So pick your chin up from the computer. Stand up and stretch. Take a break to call your friend and see how studying is going. If there is someone beside you, smile… nudge them… propose a coffee break… treat them.

String up holiday lights in your dorm room lounge (even if they are out of season) and claim that a study executed at 800 universities across the country proved that the ambiance of the teeny tiny bulbs increased final grades by a whopping 73% percent.

Let Beethoven trickle through the iHome. Take a Target break. Drive home the long way with the windows down and sad songs blaring through the speakers. Stop the car. Park it. Just sit quiet for a minute or two– no texts to keep you, no Instagram to push you out of the moment at hand. Forget for a moment that your vocabulary is plumped with Finals & Responsibility & Deadlines & Due Dates. Just laugh & sing & dare to miss the moments that will be gone tomorrow. The moments you’re going to miss tomorrow and might even find yourself thinking, “I wish I didn’t take that for granted.” 

Remember: It is a book. It is a test. It is a paper. That’s it. That’s all.

You’ll make it. Myself, this love letter, and anyone who has ever been there before…we are pulling for you.


The Do's + Yikes, Stop That Right Now's of Love Letter Writing.

It is a surreal feeling, to compose a letter to an individual that you have no ties to but at the same time you want the whole wide world for them. Really, we are not told enough, in a genuine noncommercial manner, how brilliant we are. How intriguing and wonderful we are. How much we should be commended for waking up today and deciding to take on the task of being human. It is not an easy task.”
— hb


  • Get creative with your letter writing. There are limitless possibilities lurking behind the stationery, stickers, calligraphy pens and craft store essentials you can use to script a good love letter.
  •  Tell stories. If you have been there before, write it. Don’t be afraid to let yourself sit on the page. As you pour honesty out through the pen you might be surprised by the liberating feeling that comes from linking up your soul with that of a stranger.
  • Gather your friends and write love letters together. Seriously, what is better than a night spent laughing and writing love letters with your closest pals, slugging cider while pretending text messages don’t yet exist and email is only a one-day, some-day creation you’ve seen on the Jetsons.


  • We ask that all letter writers do not include personal contact information in their letters. Though it might be nice to grab a pen pal, we want to keep all our letter writers safe. All love letters come through our PO Box first. We sort them, sift through their content, and mail them under the More Love Letters PO Box address.
  • We are not mushy, gushy letter writers. Please keep all the arrows secured in Cupid’s bow. Please keep all the love sonnets tucked in Juliet’s pocket.  They will not come in handy here.
  • We are not experts. We are not problem solvers. We ask that our letter writers stick to love and encouragement when writing these love letters. Your job is not to offer advice, but to offer support through your words to someone who really needs it. We also understand that some of these love letter requests hit close to home. Do not ever feel like you MUST write a love letter, even if you’ve committed. If you are not comfortable with a topic, you can absolutely opt out.

Love Letter Found: Newfoundland, Canada. 3-16-14.

Found this in the commons today, at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Absolutely changed my day. I wish i could thank the person directly for their words. I found my self trying to scribble down something as genuine and caring to leave for the girl that left this note or even the person who would sit here after me, but each attempt was eclipsed by the note it was following. So instead, i decided to part with it, leaving it in a new location for another person to chance upon these kind words.

Not sure if you will get this, but thank you, it was well received and i hope you find someone who realizes what they have.



Love Letter Found: 7 Train. NYC. 3-6-14.

I was riding the 7 train to make my Long Island Railroad train connection.    A long commute to the suburbs.

I was having a great day after meeting an old friend for lunch and catching up. I didn’t think my day could get any better and then I found this card.

The world is truly a wonderful place filled with amazing people. We just need to remind each other once in a while. Whoever left me this letter, thank you for bring true joy to my heart. I must pay this forward. Every one should have this kind of feeling.

Love Letter Found: Norway. 3-3-14.

I found this on the third of March 2014  in Realfagsbygget, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway. I was on my way home feeling really tired and fed up after a long day at school, and then I saw something white behind the bust of Nils Andreas Sørensen. It was this beautiful written letter, and I couldn’t help but feeling happy and warm on the inside. Thank you kind stranger for making my miserable day so fantastic instead!

Love Letter Found: Austin, Texas. 2-21-14.

Just wanted to let you know that I found this letter. Today our family found out that my little cousin who just lost her two brothers and dad in a tragic car accident a month ago, has had a cancerous tumor removed. She’s only Two. I’m a firm believe in everything happening for a reason and this letter was meant for me to find it. To whoever sent this. Thank you for the affirmation that everything will be ok.

Love Letter Found: Nashville, Tennessee. 2-16-14.

on saturday, february 15 karma put a love letter from a stranger in my hands to read aloud to two women who are my chosen family. these two incredible, life long friends had just finished helping me move to a new place around the corner from a small, leafless tree covered in hanging love letters at the edge of a busy sidewalk in nashville’s 12th south district.

there is nothing remotely positive about me moving. i am literally running in fear leaving behind all i ever knew and all that i have ever possessed into a small, furnished apt with very few of my own belongings. now i get to add a love letter from a complete stranger to those belongings…..taped to the fridge where i can read and cherish it daily and where it will stay even after i am gone.

i am not on twitter so i don’t know how to reach #12solove, but i’m hopeful that you can pass along a very sincere thank-you for me. after choosing this letter at random and reading it aloud to two of the most cherished people in my life, my heart was truly happy for the first time in months.

attached is a pic of my letter containing a quote that could have not been more perfect at a specific moment in time on a sunny winter afternoon literally in the first hours of my new so-called-life.

with gratitude ~

Love Letter Found: Edmonton, Alberta. 2-16-14.

 Hi there,

It was the day before Valentine’s Day and I was walking to my second job and feeling a bit down on myself. I was speaking to a friend on the phone about how I feel like I really need to work on myself this year and don’t feel like I am that great of a person right now – then I look down at a potted shrub at a store near my work and mid-conversation – I find this beautiful envelope and letter which was completely what I needed to hear in that moment.

I have shared it with everyone I thought would appreciate it as I think the message should be shared for everyone. It’s funny how the universe can provide you with guidance and reassurance from beautiful people like the one who wrote this in those moments of need, thank you so very much.  I’m so grateful to be part of this movement.

Love Letter Found: Nashville, Tennessee. 2-15-14.

I met a friend for brunch this morning in the 12th South area in Nashville, Tennessee. When we were walking out of the restaurant we noticed a bunch of letters hanging on a tree nearby and a sign that said to take one. We each took a letter. The front of the letter I took said, “Choose me! I am meant for you!” I opened it and found it started off with my favorite quote from one of my favorite authors. I think that out of all the letters that were hanging on that tree, I chose the one that really was meant for me.

Thank you to the kind stranger who wrote it. I’m so glad you are here too!